CloudEXPO 2018
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Catchpoint - 2018 New York Exhibitor

Catchpoint built a new kind of monitoring platform, guided by three principles.

They developed Catchpoint from the ground up for the cloud-centric world—to give you a complete view of your customer’s experience from anywhere.

They designed a unique, stateless architecture and analytics engine to steer clear of the limitations of existing architectures and ensure total data integrity.

They developed intelligence and visualization to reduce mean time to detect – to help IT professionals detect and fix issues fast.

Conventional APM tools weren’t designed to keep up with the exploding shift of applications and services to cloud. They are costly and inflexible systems that have become obstacles rather than solutions. They cannot analyze the total view of your customer’s experience.

Alternative “digital experience monitoring” solutions are merely web performance monitoring tools, not complete solutions, that lack full visibility of all the moving parts that can disrupt your user’s experience—they simply weren’t designed for the digital era.