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Exhibitor 2017

EAMS LAB, an industrial design, research and development company of unmanned robotic vehicle system. Developing aircraft design, control software development, communication, cloud application development. We prepare a reference model (implementation model) and we will build an unmanned machine ecosystem for customers quickly and cheaply.

EAMS LAB’s Core Technology
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Development
In order to make the drone safe and convenient, we strive to create an unmanned vehicle system that utilizes robotics technology and artificial intelligence control on behalf of human operator. Incorporates the powerful JETSON, the embedded GPU board for NVIDIA, is the ideal for the brains of the unmanned (aerial) vehicle and has the technology of autonomous driving, obstacle avoidance, and object recognition using Deep Learning techniques. This functional model in which you can run ROS and OpenKAI (Kinetic Artificial Intelligence) to develop deep learning vision intelligence into vehicle dynamics control.

Cloud System Development
We prepare a cloud system such as processing of big data gathered by the drone and operation management. In addition, the service called LABelligent is a web-based application tool for annotating Deep Learning, which reduces the cost of creating learning data. These are built on AWS and can be utilized scalably.

Unmanned Vehicle Design and Module Part Development
We designing not only drone (UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle), but also UGV (unmanned ground vehicle), USV (unmanned boat), ROV (submarine). We have general-purpose parts and base models of module design, and we can build equipment suitable for customer’s work in a short period of time.

Aircraft Control Technology
Using one of the most advanced and professional grade open source, unmanned vehicle autopilot controller software, ArduPilot. We, at EAMS LAB, are deeply involved in development and support function development that adapts to industrial applications. We have added the function of separating goods used for distribution (patent pending), remote control using Lidar (laser range finder), connection module with OpenKAI, and so on. Moreover, it is also good for optimizing EKF (extended Kalman filter) which comprehensively judges plural sensor information and improving reliability, and tuning with the whole model such as airframe rigidity, motor, propeller.

Operation Technology
We believe that the technology to operate the equipment is also important for development, and we are conducting field tests with our customers and partners as well.
By experienced staff of drone operation, we find the problems and improvements of the equipment and feedback on the development of the equipment to make it the model that is more suitable for work. In addition, the operation experience in the field is useful not only for the drone body but also for the development of peripheral equipment.